Welcome to Grow the Good Life!

Founded by Sarah and Steve Smith, we are here to help plant the seeds so you can grow the best life possible!

Life is an amazing journey, but part of that journey will inevitably bring some setbacks. We are here to remind you that those setbacks are in no way permanent, and you can get yourself out of any situation. A little confidence and a lot of hard work can do amazing things for your life.

We understand what you are going through, as we have gone through it ourselves. It doesn’t matter if you are down on your luck, in a dead-end job, suffering from financial instability, having relationship rough patches, or dealing with fluctuating weight. You can attain a better life. A life that you actually want to be a part of. A life that you can not only sustain, but thrive in.

Grow the Good Life is a community that strives to provide a safe space for you to grow your life. It is an honest and open space for you to connect with us and each other.

Improving your life can be challenging, but there is no better reward than looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing what you stand for and what you have accomplished.

About Sarah and Steve

About Steve

Steve’s health journey began in 2010 when Sarah was diagnosed with an inflammatory autoimmune disorder that rocked their world. In 2017, after gaining a significant amount of weight, he realized that anxiety and depression had been crippling his life. Over the past 5 years, he has made it his goal to climb out of the fog, lose weight and live a happy and healthy life. He has learned what living a healthy lifestyle truly means and understands the amount of work needed to climb out of whatever hole you are in.

Today, Steve is a happy, goofball who loves spending time with his family. He values healthy food, exercise, and the relationships around him. If Steve can go from feeling no emotion to rekindling his love for life, then you can too. It is his mission to pass his knowledge to help those who may be struggling with their own issues.

About Sarah

Sarah started her health journey when she was diagnosed with numerous autoimmune diseases. With many symptoms that left her feeling fatigued, and afraid that she wouldn’t be able to live the vibrant life she was seeking. She decided to transform her lifestyle. Sarah likes to call this her “doing all the things” lifestyle, treating her body and mind. Through an intentional morning routine, that includes yoga, meditation, and journaling, coupled with eating whole foods, Sarah has regained her energy and her vitality.

Sarah is a graduate of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and uses her certification to create recipes that heal her body and that are delicious and satisfying. Sarah enjoys sharing her knowledge and her journey to help people make the changes in their lives that may feel impossible.